What Diamond can do for you

It's obvious that your business needs you and your team to focus on the needs of your customers. So, when you've a major on-site installation project on-the-go, you can well do without the distraction of having to keep a continuous eye on what those contractors are up to.

And that's where we come in.

Put quite simply, we make sure that your contractors have minimal impact on your business and - perhaps more importantly - they don't do anything that puts your operations team at any sort of unnecessary risk.

Of course, we do much more than that.   For a start, we'll guide you through your own responsibilities as the Client under the CDM Regulations.  Not only that but, if you need us to, we'll sort-out your CDM Regulations documentation for you; including:

  • Submitting Form F10 notification to the Health & Safety Executive.
  • Compiling your pre-construction safety information pack.
  • Compiling the construction phase Health & Safety Plan.
  • Vetting your preferred contractors for their safety competency.
  • Compiling the project Health & Safety File.

Who we are, what we do...

Diamond started off life helping out mainly small & medium sized businesses to keep on-top of their health & safety obligations. And we still do offer that service for a range of businesses. 

Than back in 1997 the Construction Design & Management ('CDM') Regulations were introduced, in a concerted effort to make major improvements to the standards of safety on construction sites where more than one contractor is involved.

As a result, we found ourselves increasingly involved with construction project safety.  In fact, you might say that we've become something of a specialist in that field.

The mainstay of our business is now very much that of undertaking the Principal Contractor role on construction projects that are notifiable (to the Health & Safety Executive) under those CDM Regulations.

The majority of our work involves the fit-out of new-build storage & distribution warehouses; or the reconfiguration of existing storage/handling systems within them.

Of course it's not just the storage equipment (like shelving or pallet racking) that we're involved with.   Obviously there's usually fire protection systems, lighting, power HVAC and telecoms.  But many of our projects also involve office fit-outs, complex automated conveyor systems and extensive civil engineering.  

You name it and it's more than likely we've already had some involvement with it.

These days we're still a small company and so we do still offer the same high level of personal service that we've always done. 

But our customer list may well surprise you, as it includes many well-known High Street names and several blue-chip multi-nationals giving us repeat business.

So you'll be in good company!

About our customers

 We're by no means the largest company in our business sector, so  our customer list may well surprise you.  It includes some of the biggest names in the retail and logistics business sectors; amongst them several multi-nationals.  How come? Well it's simple really: being small means we can provide a more personal service.  And not having the massive overheads of many of the 'big boys' means we can give you the service you expect at a very reasonable cost. 

But we'd be happy to help you no matter what size you are, or what business sector you're in. And you can be assured of the very same level of service and attention to detail enjoyed by all of our other customers. 

Getting in-touch with us.

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